How Can You Prevent Taxpayer Identity Theft?

By John W. Cashman, Jr., CPA
Tax Manager at Gray, Gray & Gray, LLP

Identity theft road signWhile it is tax season for most of us, it is Christmas for online identity thieves. With so many people transferring their personal information and financial data via mail or electronically, unscrupulous individuals are having a field day. In most cases they are targeting tax refunds, using stolen social security numbers to assume your identity and taking the money that is rightfully yours. Continue reading

Return Filing Extension Rules by Individual State

Each state has individual rules in reference to the return filing extensions for individuals. Click the link below to view a chart depicting these rules for general taxpayers and some helpful comments for those interested in utilizing these extensions. Please take note that these rules do not represent any specific rules for individuals or military outside of the U.S.

Click HERE to view the Return Filing Extension Rules by Individual State