Individual Financial Records – Do I Need to Keep That?

It is never a bad time to plan for your next tax filing date. Do you know what you should keep and what you can throw away? Here are a few guidelines when it comes to your Individual tax filings Continue reading

Formula Gifting – A New Concept

Many people are considering making substantial gifts to their children or grandchildren this year to take advantage of the current, historically-high lifetime gift tax exclusion.  There is a new approach to consider: “Formula Gifting”.  Continue reading

It’s Time to Start Planning for 2012 Taxes!

Tax Day for 2011 has come and gone and while you may think gathering tax documents and evaluating your finances will be off your mind for another year, planning for your income taxes is a year round exercise. It never hurts to be prepared and stay organized throughout the year to ensure when 2012’s tax day arrives, you are ready and have everything in place. Below are some helpful tips to think about in order to prepare for next year’s tax filing and keep your finances in check for the year to come: Continue reading