Massachusetts Businesses Face April 1 Deadline to File Tax Status

Businesses (corporations) incorporated in Massachusetts must file an annual certification entity tax status with the state’s Department of Revenue. The deadline for filing this year is April 1, 2013. To date, only 10% of those businesses required to file have completed the necessary paperwork.

Is your business one of the 90% that have not filed a certification of entity tax status?

The certification helps to ensure that a company appears on the list of corporations for 2013. This list is used by cities and towns in Massachusetts to help determine which corporations are eligible for local property tax benefits, and to help local boards of assessors with the assessment of property taxes.

You can learn more about how to complete the required filing here: (DIRECTIVE 12-5) (FAQs)

If you have any questions about this or any other state or federal tax issue, please contact the Gray, Gray & Gray Tax Department at (781) 407-0300.


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