Federal Tax Watch Special Issue – January 2013

What’s the scoop on the new legislation passed by Congress to avert the fiscal cliff?

How will the tax provisions affect you?

Gray, Gray & Gray brings you the answers to these questions and more with a four-page special issue of the Federal Tax Watch newsletter.

Inside the Federal Tax Watch Special Issue – January 2013:
• Fiscal Cliff Legislation: How tax changes in the new act may affect you
• Provisions Primarily Affecting Individuals
• Provisions Primarily Affecting Businesses
• New Healthcare Taxes Taking Effect in 2013
• Tax Planning Considerations

Click here to view this important newsletter now available on the Gray, Gray & Gray website.

Did you miss Gray, Gray & Gray’s “Beyond the Fiscal Cliff” Webinar on January 7, 2013?  Get caught up with the recording! Click here to view it today.

January 7th Beyond the Fiscal Cliff Webinar Recording

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